JA Scholte on Explaining Globalization

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Some reflections from J.A. Scholte’s monolythic study on globalization (Globalization, a Critical Introduction, Palgrave – Macmillan 2000), which I have found particularly stimulating:

Globalization and the state have been quite compatible and indeed codependent in contemporary society. […] State regulation has furthered globalization in four principal ways: provision of infrastructures; liberalization of international transactions; guarantees of property rights for global capital; and sponsorship of global governance agreements“. [page 141]

Globalization has unfolded in tandem with – both reflecting and reinforcing – a broad shift in the reigning framework of identity from nationalism towards a greater pluralism and hybridity“. [page 147]

Rationalism is something of a secular faith. […] For a secularist mindset truth comes in the form of earthly – indeed, global – principles that transcend the particularities of locality and prevail for humankind across whatever territorial distances and borders“. [page 150-1]

It is hard to see how political action could stop, let alone reverse, the powerful combination of forces that are currently assembled behind this reconfiguration of social space. Only a possible systemic ecological calamity would appear to stand in the way of continuing large-scale globality and considerable further globalization in the period ahead“. [page 152].

Food for thought…


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