People Power

From Wired Magazine‘s website, an interesting article on the 6 trends that will drive the Global Economy in the next few years. These are, for reference:

People Power
Video Unlimited
Personalize It
Carbon Killers
Buy It Now
All-Access Economy

More on Carbon Killers soon. For the moment, I am particularly interested in the first trend, People Power, symbolised by the growth of Web 2.0 user-generated content. The author, Chris Anderson, explains:

    This is perhaps the most dramatic manifestation of the second-generation Web. The tools of production, from blogging to video-sharing, are fully democratized, and the engine for growth is the spare cycles, talent, and capacity of regular folks, who are, in aggregate, creating a distributed labor force of unprecedented scale. […] Previous industrial ages were built on the backs of individuals, too, but in those days labor was just that: labor. Workers were paid for their time, whether on a factory floor or in a cubicle. Today’s peer-production machine runs in a mostly nonmonetary economy. […] This can all sound a little like, well, ’60s-style utopianism. After all, Marx himself believed that the industrial proletariat would revolt against the bourgeoisie, creating a state where the workers own the means of industrial production. It’s easy to see an echo of that in blogosphere triumphalism.

Will the new blogsphere create the conditions for the first Global Democracy?


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