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Borrowing Owl

The front page of today’s Independent warns us that our borrowing from nature is hitting a new global record. Basing its statement on a recent report published by the new economics foundation, it reveals that “[…] from now until the end of the year we will be living beyond our global environmental means.  Research by the US-based Global Footprint Network in partnership with nef and Best Foot Forward reveals that as of today, humanity has used up what nature can renew this year and is now eating into its ‘ecological capital’ […].

Meanwhile Greenpeace, together with AirportWatch and EnoughsEnough, has launched a new ironic campaign to raise awareness about the environmental impact of low-cost flying. A suited CEO of Spurt – towards unlimited aviation growth – reassures us from this video that

  • climate change is probably not even happening
  • a warmer planet is good for the holiday industry
  • the 150,000 people dying from climate change each year mainly live in Africa

Finally, Ofgem – the regulator for Britain’s gas and electricity industries – has urged mainstream electricy suppliers to ensure households that install energy generating systems such as solar panels and wind turbines are guaranteed a minimum price for selling their spare power back to the main grids, or else face the risk of legislation.


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