Russian Easter

St. George and the Dragon, V. Kandinsky 1914-15

From the BBC:

Dozens of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Russia have been required to suspend operations after missing a deadline to register. Human Rights Watch is one of the bodies that have failed to clear the red tape in time – but it vowed to keep working.

It’s an old story: for months now the Kremlin has been waging a more-or-less open war against Russian and international NGOs operating inside the country, especially when they deal with human rights issues.

Meantime, Ella Pamfilova – Chair of the Council of Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights under the President of the Russian Federation, and Chair of the Civil G8 2006 (I wonder how large her business cards are) – visits London to talk about (you guessed…!) political leadership at acevo‘s International Conference on Third Sector leadership.

I wonder how Mary Kaldor must have felt about sharing the table with her…


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