Blog-hopping: Global Nomad 101

Nomad Tents

I haven’t been blog-hopping for a while now, so it was a pleasure today to come across Global Nomad 101, a collective weblog for humanitarian aid workers overseas that tries to offer some innovative (often technological) ideas to help people engaged in field work. Clearly, anything with the word global in its name is bound to be good (!), but two posts in particular caught my attention. This one, on the recent report “Delivering as one” by the High Level Panel on UN Reform (System-wide Coherence), which was described as pleasantly blunt and brutal by ODI’s Simon Maxwell. And this one on online video sharing, and generally on the use NGOs can make of new information technologies to improve their transparency and to bring people in developed and developing countries closer together, for example through school-linking initiatives. I couldn’t help thinking about Paul’s enthusiasm for this stuff, and in particular at the great example of the Nata Village Blog. Also, when I scrolled to the bottom of the post, a little nostalgia set in as a read about this blog set up by Christian Aid Tajikistan, for I was one of the lucky few ones to witness the birth of this programme back in 2001.


4 responses to “Blog-hopping: Global Nomad 101

  1. Alberto – thanks for the mention of our Tajikistan blog, we’ve had an incredible amount of feedback on it this year. You might be interested in checking out the interview Amanda did about Tajikistan on a dutch podcast –

    Christian Aid also have their own podcasts on this site –

    All the best



  2. Thanks Steven!

    Btw are you realted to Chris by any chance?

  3. Hi Alberto – bizarrely, there are quite a few Buckley’s at Christian Aid but, no, we’re not related.

    All the best,


  4. And bizarrely, both working on Tajikistan, although at different times! Well, if you see him, say hi!


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