Blog-hopping: Juan Freire on Nomada

Google Earth goes local

Another brilliant discovery, which for once pushes me beyond the English-speaking blogsphere. Juan Freire, a biology professor at the University of Coruna in Spain, is writing under the name of Nomada on practically anything from ecology and economy, to politics and social softwares… and much, much more. Those of you who speak Spanish are in for a treat, although at first the blog is rather intimidating, But when you get into it, it’s hugely rewarding. This is one of those finds that make you understand how rewarding blog-hopping can be!

Absolutely mesmerizing his ongoing set of entries on socio-political innovation in relation to the future of Web 2.0 in Spain. In the posting on hyperlocal networks, for example, he talks about the new spacial dimension of reality in relation to the web, and cites the example of, which for the moment is only active in the US, but I am sure will reach Europe soon:

Every day, the web collects new essential information about your local community: the open house around the corner; a restaurant review in the local paper; a rant from a parent about a declining public school; a concert that’s just been announced; a police report on a recent break-in; gossip about a celebrity sighting. But while that information is all grounded in a real-world place, on the web it is scattered everywhere: in blogs, online newspapers, discussion threads, government sites. is designed to change all that, as a bridge between information space and real-world space — a place to see in a single glance all the interesting things that are happening around you.

He also recently took part in a roundtable on Blogs and Politics, and posted an incredibly comprehensive summary on the topic, including chapters on political blogs (and politicians with blogs!) and open source politics. Damn, the man can write, and he’s got things to say!

A quick hopping from Juan’s blog to other Spanish blogs also revealed a wonderful world of interesting people, thinking interesting things, projected towards an interesting future. Spain really is living through its second Siglo de Oro. Viva Espana! Ojala’ que los demas paises europeos aprendan algo de ti!


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