Rosemary Ekosso on Africa’s Failed States

Anna Williams - Out of Africa

If you have 5 spare minutes today, don’t spend them reading my blog. Read instead this passionate post and stimulating exchange of comments on Rosemary Ekosso’s blog.

I have already written 2 pages of notes in reponse to her thoughts, and I will post them as soon as I make sense of them.


2 responses to “Rosemary Ekosso on Africa’s Failed States

  1. Dear Rosemary Ekosso,

    It saddens me to see some of your comments in the article: AND WHY WESTERNERS SHOULD CUT THEIR EXCESSES.

    Some of your comments border on the neolithic.

    Although Colonialism, slavery and neo-colonialism have contributed in no small way to what the West is…what has it to do with how Africans impoverish themselves today? Many Western countries were former slaves to empires like the Roman, Greek and Ottoman. Should they remain at standstill crying, playing victims forever and seeking compensation for things that happened centuries ago? If the so called 3rd world Indians and Chinese were at that standstill will they become the next crop of economic superpowers?

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo may be teeming with resources but its current economic potentials, carrying capacity and arable land does not justify its overpopulated state. I believe you need to educate yourself properly on overpopulation, I believe you are lacking very basic knowledge of it.

    Most Sub-Saharan African countries are rife with natural resources and land mass but they are by economic standards overpopulated.

    A little education on overpopulation:
    A place is considered overpopulated when it is unable to meet basic citizen obligation regarding simple things like arable land, sewage, water, food, consumables, overcrowding, sanitation! It has nothing to do with the available natural resources, untapped minerals and free spare land. It is not the fault of the western world that these sub-Saharan African countries cannot rally themselves in a civil manner within the spirit of commonsense to live a basic existence like many Asian and western countries with less resources!

    Ghana being one of very few to enact a population policy is today benefiting from it. I spoke to many Nigerian Government officials about overpopulation and they agree that Nigeria is overpopulated, but say they just cannot do much due to ethnic issues, culture and religions.

    The mentality displayed by many Sub-Saharan Africans like yourself is troubling; because there are unoccupied lands in Africa, the citizens should continue to mass produce children (they have no hope of caring for) to fill up these empty spaces?

    According to a conference I attended not long ago, many Sub-Saharan African educated-elite are dangerously part of the problem because despite their education they are still stuck in that mental trap about slavery, overpopulation and certain African medieval practices! It is like their education is wasted on them!

    Quality of life is not about all the your said in your piece, it is about ensuring adequate family planning and responsible childbearing. no one should have more children than their resources and incomes permit, if they do they are putting undue burden on themselves, the children, the environment, the government and available resources. Sub-Saharan Africans are very irresponsible in this regard.

    I continue to observe many sub-saharan Africans and it seems many cannot wait to produce more children than everyone else despite clear evidence their incomes does not permit such numbers, why? On speaking to some they use words like “God will provide” and “we will survive”

    Their is a clear connection between overpopulation in Africans, over population among black people in western countries and poverty! The Indians and Chinese are seriously affected by overpopulation as observed during my visits there, they clearly cannot cope with the sheer number of people despite huge economic successes. There is just not enough to go round!
    India has admitted that it has more poverty than many African countries on account of overpopulation.

    People like you should be advocates for responsible family planning rather than help proliferate the issue by misleading the semi-literate citizens who look up to you for knowledge and information.

    thank you

  2. yetna chantal

    good morning, mrs Ekosso. my name is chantal yetna. i’m a cameroonian MA student and i would like to translate your novel for the purpose of my dissertation.i’m a francophone and was happy to discovered that a woman has written such a novel as we, readers, always have the impression that there are more male writers than female in cameroon. i live in Yaoundé but i have difficulties to get your novel ” The House of Falling Women” how can i get it? i’ve seen that you were published by “| Langaa RPCIG, Cameroon | Paperback” are they in yaoundé
    please, i will be delighted if you answer to my request favourably.
    THANKS in advance.

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