Some reading

David Octavius Hill - The Desruption 

In its Globalization section, Panos reports this month on Faces of Poverty, with a series of features from Mozambique and Pakistan exploring poverty, sexual exploitation, and inequality through the eyes of the people most affected. Of particular interest the article by Frederico Katerere, Wealth in a handful of grain:

Mozambique once had a strong network of rural banks. Since the banking sector was privatised those numbers have dwindled, leaving people little option but to hide their savings and hope for the best.

A new publication by Conciliation Resources, part of its excellent Accord series, traces the origins of Sudan’s conflicts and explores ways to address them:

Peace by piece: addressing Sudan’s conflicts looks back at the process that led to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement , identifying what difficult issues were tackled and how, and what decisions were deferred. It asks which constituencies, interests and issues were excluded from the process, and suggests that future initiatives must be more inclusive and better coordinated if they are to help build a lasting peace.

Finally, an interesting exchange between the always thought-provoking Clive Matthews over at Europhobia and the always thoughtful Nanne at DJ Nozem on why they are in favour of the EU.

Mull over, kids, mull over!


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