Memoirs of a child soldier

Sitting by the door, Sierra Leone - Kevin McNulty

A fascinating and haunting account by Ishmael Beah, a former child soldier from Sierra Leone, about his war experience and his rehabilitation was published by the NY Times. Thanks Paul for posting.


3 responses to “Memoirs of a child soldier

  1. I’m am reading this book right now. i live in a Canadian city where there are thousands of Africans living, some from Sierra Leone. This book is disturbingly powerful and really makes me feel privileged, and humbled to be living amongst those who have endured so much tragedy. As a Canadian, I truly underestimated what freedom and happiness really is. Everyone living in a society such as ours should read this book and then remember where these people have been in their lives.

  2. Dear Global Lab,

    we are an Italian catholic publishing house and in 09/2009 we are going to print a book whose title is “I bambini soldato”, written by Donald

    We are thinking of using your photo “” on the cover of this book. Can you confirm that, if your photo will be chosen, we can use it free? Of course we’ll put your credits on the book.

  3. HI there,

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    Many thanks in advance for your help,

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