Some excellent hassling tools!

Hassle me!

From the Huffington Post, this is brilliant:

While stumbling through websites upon, my new favorite web discovery service, I indeed stumbled upon a good one – Hassle Me – a shockingly simple tool which nags you via email about things you know you should be doing but which you’ll forget. My initial thought was — annoying. But as I looked down at my endless to do list – for myself, the kids, the dog, the husband, the house, etc. – I quickly reevaluated my thinking – -this is brilliant. Hassle Me was built by two Brits, Chris Lightfoot and Etienne Pollard – as part of, a charitable project which builds websites that give people simple, tangible benefits in the civic and community aspects of their lives. Chris had originally developed a program called Hasselbot, to encourage his developers and volunteers at mysociety to post frequently. Despite the fact that he didn’t think it would really work, it did. And so, Hassle Me was born.

Incidentally, is also brilliant, just the kind of innovative approach to the Internet that can improve people’s lives. They are the people behind TheyWorkForYou (provides a searchable, annotatable version of what is said in Parliament), WriteToThem (the definitive place to contact any of your elected representatives), and PledgeBank (lets users create pledges which say “I’ll do something, but only if 10 other people will do something”).

In fact, hassling seems to be very much their organisational mission…!


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