Ants 2.0

To understand the power of emergent systems in our informational world, look no further. This is a video about the extraordinary self-organisational capabilities of ant colonies, which reflect most of the theories applied to Web 2.0 user-led systems, as well as a number of interrelated philosophical and scientific disciplines. Far from being aliens, as this documentary would suggest, ants have much more in common with the way we humans organise ourselves – in our brains, our cities, and our global informatic networks – than we would concede.

The video is a little long, but well worth it…!


3 responses to “Ants 2.0

  1. My question has always been. If you stuff ants with enough food and provide them for enough resources to keep them going for the whole winter, will they stop searching?

  2. no. they’ll just increase the size of the ant-house until it’s too big and therefore they will split into smaller groups. and so on…

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