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Gold miner holding canary bird 

My great friend Paul, who is always looking for new ways to tackle the challenges of development, has started a new blog, looking at the implications and applications of trying to do sustainable development, especially from a private sector perspective. A very exciting new addition to the blogosphere.

Here’s his first entry, A Mining Adviser’s View of Global Warming. A taste of things to come:

Climate Connections is a series now on National Public Radio done in cooperation with National Geographic: “How are we shaping the climate. How is climate shaping us.”

I enjoyed this story on a mining adviser, environmentalist and government advisor. (Also a friend of mine!)

Another considers “carbon charge” on Chinese imports at the border. Also on China, a story on the impact of coal in China. 5,000,000 miners! According to the BBC, anywhere between 5,000 (official) and 20,000 (independent groups) are killed each year. Another BBC story quotes the People’s Daily saying 17 miners die a day. The size and scale put many issues in a different perspective.

As one injured miner explains in the NPR story:

Those rich Chinese in the Eastern Provinces, they pay lots of money for our coal. But they have no idea about the price we pay. Our bitterness is their happiness.


2 responses to “Blogging about sustainability

  1. You’re right to point out that the plight of Chinese miners is under-reported. It is not only the “rich Chinese in the Eastern provinces” who benefit from cheap coal, but the world at large. If you have some time you should watch ‘Blind Shaft’ (by Li Yang), a moving film about the everyday violence and corruption of China’s mining indsutry.

  2. pavellawrence

    Merci, fair Global Lab for the sharing with your vast audience. Will be sure to link up to all your blood diamond commentary.

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