Give us a smile, Gwyneth

I promise I won’t let this go to my head, and I promise if I win I won’t give a 2-hour weepy thank you speech dressed in a pink frock, but you should all know that GlobaLab has received its first Blog nomination (blogination?), courtesy of David Weman down at A Fistful of Euros.

The award – appropriatedly named The Third Annual Satin Pajama – is in the Best New Weblog category, one of the most prestigious ones, I think you’ll find.

So dear GlobaLabers, if ever you’ve enjoyed this space of reflection on globalisation and all that goes with it, show your love by clicking here!!


3 responses to “Nominations

  1. Go for it, Alberto. We’re right behind you. Though it’s a shame they can’t spell pyjamas.


  2. Congratulations on the nomination. Would have voted for you but we got nominated too and sadly, are not that selfless. Excellent site…

  3. Thank you very much! I am humbled at the idea of having been nominated alongside a blog like yours. WSI remains one of my main sources of information on EU security matters. Keep up the great work!

    PS: I toyed with the idea of voting for someone else, in a truly selfless British manner. Then I remembered I am Italian and voted for myself instead… ;-)

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