Daily Archives: 19 July 2007

Peripheral Landscapes

Last post of the day, I promise.

Via Juan’s awe-inspiring blog, I came across this video, which offers a brilliant visualisation of Mexico City’s formal and informal expansion through photographic and digital media:

The video is a close relation to the Tate Modern’s current exhibition on Global Cities, which also sports an excellent film on the growth and future of urban conglomerates, and seems lifted straight out of one of Saskia Sassen’s excellent books. I came across this cool video showing a time-lapse of the installation of the exhibition. Check it out:


Bullet – The Execution

This video, posted on YouTube a few months ago, earned Amnesty International the Silver Lion at the Cannes Film Festival 2007. It is absolutely amazing:

[via Lentatiblog, on which I will probably write a post soon]

Babelblogs launched

On the savory topic of Web 2.0 as a social-change and political participation tool, café babel – the infamous online magazine for Europhiles and their chums – has just launched Babelblogs, a unique multilingual blogging platform in Europe.


  • Babelblogs are European: a unique European platform for blogging.
  • Babelblogs are multilingual: select your language and have your blog translated by other babelians
  • Babelblogs connect Europeans : we want to get Europeans together!

I am not entirely sure of how the system works, but it does look promising…

YouTube for international development

Here I will try to list different ways in which YouTube has been used by international NGOs to showcase their work, promote their campaigns and get more people involved in international development and social justice issues.

More to follow soon…