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Open Source, Web 2.0 tools for social change

The New Wave in Open Source - Business Week

Partially via the excellent blog of Dan McQuillan, Internet.Artizans, partially just hopping from other sources I had, I keep on unearthing what appears to be a never-ending thread of discussion, blogs, networks, events and activities that are sizzling beneath the surface of the UK/European NGO sector.

There are hundreds of Web 2.0 and FOSS applications out there, which NGOs are making use of, and given the enormous amount of information one can unearth, it is not surprising for many poorly-staffed and under-resourced organisations continue to be overwhelmed by the speed of technological change. Yet one thing is certain: those who are passionate about Web 2.0, and have the time, resources, and dare-I-say age to undersand its potential, see it as the key to the future success of the NGO sector. Even the World Bank seems convinced about it.

I am trying to put together a list which – like the others I have started in the last few days – will try to offer an overview of the most common Open Source and Web 2.0 tools applications which are being used (or could be used) by NGOs to pursue their missions and promote social change. Open Source software in particular appears to have experienced a boom in recent months, and NGOs are set to be among the first ones to benefit from this creative wave.

The full list can now be found on this separate page.