What to do with icanhasprotest.com?


Ethan Zuckerman, in his infinite creativity, has just purchased the site http://icanhasprotest.com/. The idea came from an exchange with commenters on an excellent blog-post about the connection between cute cats and web censorship – i.e. how Web 2.0 online tools have been used by social activists, something Ethan has spoken at length about in the past.

The call’s out about what to do with this site. Here’s an idea: how about using it to collect – in a wiki format – all those examples of successful protests, campaigns, rallies, mass-mobilisations, and so on, which have been possible thanks to Web 2.0 tools? This way, social activists will have a one-stop shop where to get ideas on how to adopt these technologies and give feedback when they have not worked…

If you have better ideas, get in touch with Ethan…


12 responses to “What to do with icanhasprotest.com?

  1. how cute i own a cat and its cute just like that one

  2. oh that is so cute and very fussy

  3. but im too cute

  4. that is the most cutest cats ive eva seen

  5. super cute…i love it

  6. That is really cute!!! I have two black female twin kittens.they are so cute when they are together!

  7. i like when u cant see there ears

  8. awwwwwwwww thats the cutest cat ever except Cloud my kitty!

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