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Blog Action Day

Like almost 10,000 other bloggers, I am taking part in Blog Action Day on 15 October. For once, the blogosphere will resonate with one, common topic: the environment.

It’ll be interesting to see if and how this will work, and whether it will have a lasting impact. Personally, I have always been fascinated by how the blogosphere can become a social mobilisation tool, so I’ll be posting and checking the results closely.


What to do with


Ethan Zuckerman, in his infinite creativity, has just purchased the site The idea came from an exchange with commenters on an excellent blog-post about the connection between cute cats and web censorship – i.e. how Web 2.0 online tools have been used by social activists, something Ethan has spoken at length about in the past.

The call’s out about what to do with this site. Here’s an idea: how about using it to collect – in a wiki format – all those examples of successful protests, campaigns, rallies, mass-mobilisations, and so on, which have been possible thanks to Web 2.0 tools? This way, social activists will have a one-stop shop where to get ideas on how to adopt these technologies and give feedback when they have not worked…

If you have better ideas, get in touch with Ethan…

Babelblogs launched

On the savory topic of Web 2.0 as a social-change and political participation tool, café babel – the infamous online magazine for Europhiles and their chums – has just launched Babelblogs, a unique multilingual blogging platform in Europe.


  • Babelblogs are European: a unique European platform for blogging.
  • Babelblogs are multilingual: select your language and have your blog translated by other babelians
  • Babelblogs connect Europeans : we want to get Europeans together!

I am not entirely sure of how the system works, but it does look promising…


Give us a smile, Gwyneth

I promise I won’t let this go to my head, and I promise if I win I won’t give a 2-hour weepy thank you speech dressed in a pink frock, but you should all know that GlobaLab has received its first Blog nomination (blogination?), courtesy of David Weman down at A Fistful of Euros.

The award – appropriatedly named The Third Annual Satin Pajama – is in the Best New Weblog category, one of the most prestigious ones, I think you’ll find.

So dear GlobaLabers, if ever you’ve enjoyed this space of reflection on globalisation and all that goes with it, show your love by clicking here!!

World War E launched

Electrons vs Electrons 

Just because managing 3 blogs really isn’t enough, Jon at Surface Cut has asked me to join him in the creation and running of World War E, Dispatches from the Network Society.

This new blog will look at the changing nature of international realtions, power politics, activism, conflict, development cooperation, human rights, environmental degradation and more random stuff exclusively through the lens of new information communication technologies and informatic network systems.

I think it’s a boy…

More on blogging

Emergence & Blogs - US political elections 2004 visual representation

Two good articles on blogging: one on the NY Times on Matthew Lee, one of two accredite bloggers at the UN, and one on the Washington Post on how women are increaingly harassed across the blogosphere.

Via Jon.

Evgeny Morozov on Web 2.0 as the future of activism


Evgeny Morozov, Director of New Media at Transitions Online, where he focuses on promoting citizen journalism in Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union, has just written an article for the Globalist on Blogs As the New Frontier in Human Rights, which makes some really good points on the potential of on-line Web 2.0 networks for social change and political action. A broader selection of Evgeny’s thoughts on the future of media, technology, and activism will be found on his blog, which he has just started after closing down his previous one.

He’s going straight into my blogroll and RSS feed…